To a(nother) fresh start.

And here we are again- back to me saying that I’m going to get in the swing of this whole blogging thing, yet it’s been another full month since my last post.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been meaning to sit down and write.. something. But every time I had the chance to, I couldn’t seem to put any words together. I’ve still be struggling to place exactly what I want this to be. Am I okay with it being just a mismatch of whatever happens to be on my mind? Or do I want to settle in on something more definite?

I think that my sort-of writers block (if that’s what you want to call it) stems mostly from intimidation from this issue. I know that I’m not supposed to have all the details ironed out right away- it’s okay to not have it all together all of the time. 

Rather than wasting my time trying to narrow things down to one specific topic, I’m just going to see where this takes me. Maybe after I get more in the habit of posting regularly, a theme will emerge on its own.

As I logged into my site to get to work tonight, I was greeted with a ‘Get Inspired’ post about finding your voice- how ironic.

For all of you who occasionally feel like you haven’t yet found your voice: the good news is that you already have one. Blogging might be the most verbal-friendly writing genre that ever existed. Nobody frowns at colloquialisms, you’re allowed to swear (if you wish), and the grammar police, while not disbanded, is clearly more lenient here than in your composition classes. Using your speaking voice should be every blogger’s starting point.

I think with what I’ve done thus far, I’ve done a decent job of maintaining a sense of me in my writing. If I can keep that as a focus, I think the rest of my issues will sort themselves out.

So, 2014: let’s do this, even if we’re kicking it off a little but late. Let’s start with a fresh perspective, a fresh design (sidenote: WordPress, why is it so difficult for you to let me have a little more editing abilities on the free themes?!) and get the ball rolling here.


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