Coffee Break: Emptied Gestures

A Tuesday morning at my desk after a long three-day weekend seems like the perfect time to kick off a new set of posts. I’ve found that while at work, I just need a few little breaks throughout the day to clear my mind so that I don’t get too bogged down with whatever I happen to be working on.

I use my little breaks to catch up on some of the blogs that I follow, listen to some new music that I’ve come across, and just catch up on life. Sometimes I come across some pretty interesting things, and I almost always share them on my Twitter.

Welcome to Coffee Breaks! I’ll post these whenever it strikes me, and you can find them all grouped together on the sidebar on the left- because some days you just need a little procrastination.

I saw this pop up on a few people’s Facebook pages yesterday, and I think it’s super interesting. The photos showcase the work of artist Heather Hansen and her project “Emptied Gestures.”

I love the way the post highlights the shape of her work- “While most charcoal drawings come off as harsh and sharp, Hansen’s are soft and mesmerizing due to the lines being smeared gently by her skin.” The whole thing really reminds you to take a step back and see how the small details make up the bigger picture, how each brush stroke (or I guess in this case, gesture) is a necessary step to complete the piece.

Have a look at some of the images below, but be sure to click through to see the full photo set– you’ll be glad you did! Happy Tuesday, fellow coffee break-ers!


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