Goodbye April, Hello May

Whoops, so I missed this post in the switchover from March to April. A (literal) week of rain and the struggle to find a house to live in took over my life.

But we’re back on track and pushing through spring strong than ever! Here’s a little check-in of what’s happened in the last month, and what’s to come in May!

In April, I…

  • Kicked off another great season with my dance team & the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks. We hosted our annual dance clinic at our home opener on April 6, and had over 100 girls and boys attend! The kids arrived early in the morning and we taught them the dance that they later performed at halftime with us. It was an exhausting day (I took the following day off from work just so I could rest!), but I will never get tired of seeing all those smiles and hearing such positive feedback from all the families who participated!
  • Signed a lease on a house! That’s right, I’m moving again! I’ve loved living alone for the last year, but I’m ready for a bit of a change. My friend Amanda and I spent the better part of March looking for houses, and finally decided on one that I think will be perfect for us! Living with a roommate again will take a bit of adjusting, but I’m excited to start a new chapter!
  • Celebrated a year & a half at my current job. Time really does fly (ha.). I’ve gotten to do some pretty fun things since I’ve been here, and am looking forward to more! Last week, I had a meeting out at the Crayola Experience and got to make a crayon with my name on it!

In May, I will…

  • Move! Boxes are packed (well… sort of) and I am ready to hit Ikea for some odds and ends. The name of the game in this house is storage solutions, stay tuned for some posts on the process!
  • Celebrate my first recital as a dance teacher! I’ve had so much fun teaching this season, and am pumped to see my work on stage. I’ve got eight pieces in the recital for this studio, and I’m so proud of everything my students have accomplished since I started working with them in late January. Next year, I’ll be taking on even more classes at the studio!
  • Head to my first summer concert of the season! I’ve been counting down to SweetLife Festival since I bought the tickets back in January. I can’t believe it’s finally next week! This is just the start of a music-filled summer, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Turn 24!

Wish me luck on my move! I promise once I get settled in, we’ll see posts more regularly here. Enjoy the sunshine!


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