101 in 1001.

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday. I’m not really one for big parties; it’s always hard to get all my friends in one place no matter what time of year it is. This year, I’m kicking off a new project to celebrate my birthday.
23 was definitely a whirlwind of a year- I think I hit just about every high and low that it humanly possible. Inspired by McKenzie Horan, I’m going to be starting a 101 in 1001 list. What’s that? A sort of bucket list of goals to accomplish; 101 goals in 1001 days, which equals out to 2.75 years.
I’ve been consistently publishing monthly check-in blogs on little things that I’ve accomplished, and what I’d like to happen in the coming month. Now it’s time to look a little more big picture. As I complete a task, it’ll get crossed off the list. Here goes nothing!

Starting date: May 17, 2014
Ending Date: February 11, 2017

1. Come up with a list of 101 goals
2. Send Christmas cards (December 2014)
3. Take a cooking class
4. Go camping
5. Read twenty books (The Fault in Our Stars, Start Something That Matters, The House at Sea’s End, Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, Wild, Island of Lost Girls, Sharp Objects, Where’d You Go Bernadette?, Dark Places, The One I Left Behind, Paper Towns, Luckiest Girl Alive)
6. Buy a new car (November 2014)
7. See five new musicals/plays (Lend Me A Tenor, On the Town, The Foreigner)
8. Go one day with no cell phone
9. Volunteer at local organizations five times (Bethlehem Raiders Cheerleaders x2)
10. Try seven new restaurants (The Hamilton Kitchen in Allentown, 3rd & Ferry Fish Market in Easton, Roar Social House in Allentown, The Mint Gastropub in Bethlehem, Ai Fiori in New York City, blue in Bethlehem, Skipjack Seafood in Foxboro)
11. Make five Pinterest crafts (Christmas ornaments)
12. Schedule regular dentist appointments
13. Pay off my credit card (done! 9/18/14)
14. Go one month without shopping
15. Renew my lease
16. Donate to three Kickstarter/IndieGoGo campaigns
17. Visit three museums (Kemmerer Museum in Bethlehem)
18. Leave a 100% tip for great service
19. Buy five ‘pay it forward’ drive-thru coffees
20. Go one month with no fast food stops at all
21. Find the perfect beauty routine for me
22. Wake up at 5 a.m. every (week)day for three weeks straight
23. Help plan a major event (DLV Annual Meeting/30th Birthday Bash, October 2014)
24. Take a college-level class just for fun
25. Try seven new foods (oysters, sunchokes, sea urchin, gumbo)
26. Make my grandma’s Christmas cookies (Christmas 2015)
27. Learn how to change a tire
28. Find a green smoothie recipe that I really enjoy
29. Get a tattoo

30. Choreograph a dance for my dance team
31. Audition for a dance company
32. Run five 5k races
33. Practice hot yoga
34. Go to the gym at least twice a week for two months straight (October & November 2014)
35. Try a CrossFit class
36. Run one mile without stopping
37. Run two miles without stopping
38. Run three miles without stopping
39. Take a paddleboard class
40. Take a paddleboard yoga class
41. Go on five hikes (Google Trekker project made this one easy!)

42. Take on freelance social media clients
43. Come up with a new marketing campaign for work
44. Plan a list of Ale Trail events
45. Create two consistent features/series for my blog (Web Wanderings)
46. Publish 100 blog posts
47. Have one of my posts featured by another blog
48. Submit (and have published) an article to Thought Catalog
49. Complete two full Code Academy courses
50. Take an online course
51. Create a monthly content plan for my blog
52. Create a monthly content plan for LV Ale Trail (5/29/14, written for June!)
53. Attend a work-related conference (ESTO in August 2015 and SoMeT in September 2015)
54. Attend a major networking event (easy with conference for work!)

55. Send twenty-five ‘just because’ notes to friends
56. Send ten ‘just because’ gifts
57. Throw a dinner party
58. Send my mom and dad on a mini-vacation
59. Visit my brother at college (graduation counts, right?)
60. Visit Molly (Easter weekend 2015)
61. Plan a vacation with friends
62. Reconnect with friends from high school
63. Plan a surprise trip for someone close to me
64. Send my mom flowers just because
65. Reconnect with friends from abroad

66. Complete a month-long wardrobe challenge (ie- same 25 pieces in rotation for a month)
67. Create a system of scheduling bills & chores
68. Purchase & hang shelves in dining room and living room (thanks for the help, dad!)
69. Master ten recipes to impress (shrimp alfredo, crabcakes, pork chops, bbq chicken, brown sugar glazed salmon, ranch chicken, steak fajitas, scallops)
70. Reorganize my MacBook (and happily working on my new MacBook Air)
71. Buy new couches
72. Clean out my closet
73. Buy a record player (Christmas 2014- thanks mom!)
74. Build a collection of records, old and new (safe to say the addiction is real)
75. Build a collection of artwork for a gallery wall
76. Pick out new bedding (5/17/14, my mom got me a gorgeous new set for my birthday!)
77. Bake three gourmet-style cupcake recipes
78. Host a housewarming party
79. Pack my lunch for work ⅘ days for one month straight
80. Have a real Christmas tree in my apartment

81. Visit three new cities (Buffalo, NY 7/11/14; Raleigh, NC 4/3/15; Portland, OR August 2015; New Orleans, LA September 2015)
82. Travel alone (twice- Portland & New Orleans)
83. Learn to French braid
84. Sing a song at karaoke
85. Start a new TV show and watch it start to end (Friday Night Lights)
86. Publish an article on BuzzFeed
87. Keep an accurate log of all the new beers I try for one month
88. See ten ‘everyone has seen this’ films (American Beauty, Almost Famous, Lord of the Rings, Wet Hot American Summer, The Hobbit)
89. Make it to the beach at least five times in one summer
90. Treat myself to a spa day
91. Try skiing and/or snowboarding (video evidence)
92. Learn to ice skate
93. Attend an NFL game (Giants vs. Texans, 9/21/14… Giants win!!)
94. Take a painting class
95. Take a wine tasting class
96. Attend a live taping of a tv show (TNA Total Impact Wrestling, 9/17/14 & 9/19/14)
97. Go to the ballet
98. Take a pottery class
99. Go antiquing/flea market shopping (October 2014 with mom & dad)
100. Put $10 into savings for every goal accomplished
101. Inspire someone to start a 101 in 1001 list


5 thoughts on “101 in 1001.




    This list inspires me to do so many things! You have so many great goals for the year ahead- I can’t wait to hear about how you’re checking these items off the list!


    1. Thanks! I’ve seen so many of these pop up recently and decided it was time to try my own. I tried to put all things that are totally realistic, so let’s see how many I can get done! I’ll post updates every now and then 🙂

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