Inspiring Others to Inspire Yourself

Every now and then, I get stuck in a rut where I let myself settle too far into my thoughts- it never ends up well. Call it a writer’s block on life in general. I can feel myself slowly sinking in the quicksand but can’t find anything to grab onto. No bright spot at the end of the tunnel.

I get bogged down with all the what if’s and should have’s instead of working with what I’ve got.Inspiration

This feeling happens to me all the time. At work. With relationships. With dance. With my writing. It applies to any and all things.

Sometimes, I just need to find the right dose of inspiration to pull me out of the rut. It comes at any moment, and can be in any sort of form. A piece of music, a fellow writer’s blog post, or even just the start of a fresh day.

On other occasions, it comes from other people.

The last week or so has been one of these stuck-in-a-rut times for me. I’ve been feeling like I’ve hit a plateau, and I’m not sure how to continue my climb. Every time I sit down to write, I just stare a blank screen. I’ve tried new ways to get the words flowing, but still nothing.

Same goes for the dance studio. I feel like I’ve been struggling to challenge my students and to come up with choreography that, in turn, inspires them to work their hardest.

But then last night, things shifted around. Kayla and I ran a clinic for the Bethlehem Raiders Youth Cheerleading program through our dance team. I forgot how great it is to see those little girls’ faces light up. I might not have taught the best class ever, or have presented the choreography in the smoothest way possible, but it’s okay.

There’s nothing like having a little girl who started off by saying she had never ever cheered or danced before run up to me at the end of the session and give me a huge hug gushing about how much fun she had.

It’s the little things like that that snap it all back into perspective. Seeing that tiny dose of happiness in the eyes of someone else makes it all okay. It’s a reminder that I can pull through these tough times, I can keep climbing and accomplishing wonderful things throughout this journey.


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