Eye Candy: Instagram Accounts to Follow

It’s no secret that I love all things social media. Facebook is great to keep tabs on what friends are up to. Twitter is a nice way to get in contact with people you might not normally have the chance to chat with. And Instagram is, well, full of pretty things.EYE CANDY

I love to scroll through and see the photos that are posted. Pretty colors and perfectly staged little images? You’ve won me over.

I tend to follow less actual friends on this platform, and more blogs, designers, photographers, musicians, etc. And the page that used to be the most popular photos that has now turned into an endless stream of photos recommended for you? Yeah, I spend a solid amount of time pining over pretty things.

Okay, so most of my posts end up being shots from concerts (shocker) or food, but I do try to get artsy once in a while! If you aren’t following me, feel free to do so here.

If you’re looking to break out of the normal set of accounts that you follow, have a look at some of my favorites.

  • Humans of New York: I’m sure you’ve heard about this project, whether it be from Facebook or his coffee table book. Having it in my Instagram feed just adds a nice little break to the rest of my stream; a reality check, if you will.
  • Jordan Matter: I absolutely adore Jordan Matter’s photography. Best known for his Dancers Among Us project, I am always amazed by the work that he does- and even more so, his ability to capture such gorgeous shots in a split-second of time.
  • Tiny PMS Match: Love Pantone’s color of the year? Then you have to give this a follow. The artist takes tiny, everyday objects and matches them up to their corresponding PMS color. I love the minimalism here!
  • Dangerdust: Who knew such pretty artwork could come from a chalkboard? These guys are design students (well, post-grads now I suppose) who got their start placing these anonymous drawings at their school. The intricacy of these drawings is unreal.
  • Theodore Fitzpatrick aka Teddy: Okay, so Teddy might be the cutest dog ever. If you don’t get enough of Teddy from following The College Prepster, never fear! This little toy poodle pup also has his own Instagram account to chronicle his adventures in NYC and beyond.
  • Tyler Knott: I first came across these little poems on Tumblr, and have been hooked ever since. Tyler Knott is best known for his Typewriter Series, but his Instagram gives you a peak a quite a few handwritten works as well.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? 


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