Web Wanderings

It’s Friday (woo!) and that means we are back with another set of Web Wanderings. Web Wanderings (1)

I’ve spend a better part of this week catching up on rest after last week’s Musikfest craziness- beyond needed. I love that the weather is starting to cool down a bit and that the evenings are getting chillier. I even had my first pumpkin beer of the season last night! This weekend is filled with relaxing with friends, baseball games with the family, and even a concert thrown in (no surprises there).

While you’re finishing up your work week, take a second and have a look at this week’s highlights from around the web.

  • Mo’Ne Davis: This girl is taking the world by storm. Now, I’m from Williamsport, so I always get super into the Little League World Series (reserve your judgement, please), but this girl is killing it. She plays for the Mid-Atlantic team, which is from Philly. It’s super rare to see a girl playing in the series, especially one that throws 70mph fast balls. I’ve got my live stream ready to watch her team play at 3pm today!
  • Robin Williams’ Best Roles: I always loved Robin Williams; I think his death was actually the first celebrity death that I was truly sad to hear about. If nothing else, it’s good to bring the subject of mental illness into a serious conversation. Two of my favorite movie moments make it on this list: The Dead Poets’ Society and Good Will Hunting.
  • What Goes Through A Girl’s Head When Nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge: I know the whole Ice Bucket thing is for a good cause, but can we all chill with the videos on Facebook and just donate to the cause? Anyways. Elite Daily posted this video and I must say- it’s pretty accurate on what I would imagine I would do. (read: I will not dump ice water on my head. sorry)

Have a great weekend!


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