A Year (?!) In Review

Yesterday, I got a little notification from WordPress wishing me happy one-year since I started this little guy. One year?! Insane. It feels like five bajillion things have changed since I first decided that I wanted to start blogging. And you know why? It’s because they have.  

I’m still only starting out on the journey of trying to find where my voice is in all of this. Originally, my idea in this was hey, you talk about music a lot, so why don’t you write about it? Well, clearly that didn’t work out like I had planned.

I decided to take a bit of that and incorporate it into what ended up being one of my ongoing posts, Music Monday. As I tried to write more, I also read more. I picked up some tips and tricks from some other bloggers that I love, and incorporated some of their ideas into my own words. From monthly check-ins, to weekly web roundups, to my 101 in 10001 list; each idea stems from the writing of someone who struck a chord with me.

But the biggest thing I’ve realized in all of this? Relief. I may sometimes struggle to get words out, but when I do manage to get something down, it’s like weight off my chest. I’ve started to become more comfortable in my own skin (well, my own words, I suppose). It’s nice to just sit and write sometimes and see where it takes me.

I’ve also learned what spurs my thoughts the best. It’s like figuring out what your best learning style is. Some people need silence, I do better with a little background noise and/or music. For me, writing is no different. If I sit in a quiet room and stare at the screen, nothing happens. But put me on the balcony with some music, or by the window with the TV on in the background and it just flows. (glass of wine optional in any location)

I remember when I first starting writing about more personal things; hitting the publish button was the scariest thing I could think of. Like diving off a cliff. But what’s life without a little adventure, right?

Thanks for following along for the last year (or however long you’ve been here), whoever you are. Here’s to continuing the journey!


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