Goodbye August, Hello September!

I was tempted to title this one Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall… but that just seemed a little dramatic.

I know I say it every single month, but August went by in a flash. From Musikfest, to dance classes, to getting ready to kick off all things fall (no shame), this month has been intense. Here’s just a few highlights from the last couple of weeks!August fun

In August, I…

  • Launched the Ale Trail store- finally! After the process of creating designs, choosing process, and building the web store, we’ve finally got it up and running. We promoted the store at the Be Our Brewer for a Day Festival in preparation for Lehigh Valley Beer Week, and I got a ton of great reactions. I’m proud of where this project has ended up, and can’t wait for the growth to continue.
  • Had the chance to cover four shows at Musikfest. It’s no secret that I love live music, and I was thrilled to have the chance to cover so many shows at Musikfest this year. I kicked off the festival with The All-American Rejects and Jason DeRulo; took in a mid-week show with one of my favorites, The Avett Brothers; and rounded out the with Weezer. I got to photograph from the media pit for each show, next year I promise I’ll take a real camera so that I don’t look like a fool trying to get by with just my phone!
  • Took some time to lend a hand at Muhlenberg’s freshman orientation weekend. I pulled myself out of bed extra early last Friday to greet parents as they dropped their kids off at ‘Berg for freshman year. I remember how stressed I was on move-in day (six years ago!), so I could relate to some of these kids. The parents were shocked to hear that many of the workers were alumni volunteers- that Muhlenberg spirit really sticks with you!

In September, I will…

  • Kick off competition season! Dance competitions have always been my guilty pleasure, and I’m beyond excited to be on the other side of the process for the first time. My choreography wheels are already spinning as I am on the hunt for the perfect music.
  • Get heads-down at work and really focus. This time of year is crunch time as we focus on the new edition of the Visitors Guide. That mean that on top of my normal tasks, I’m also doing a heavier sales push than I normally would. It’s exciting to have my hands in so many different aspects of the pieces, but it also means that I have to focus twice as hard to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Take some time to relax and enjoy the start of fall! This time of year (well, coming soon) is hands-down my favorite. Sweaters, boots, and all things pumpkin, count me in. Autumn always feels like a time to refresh and start over. I have a lot of changes in mind, some big and some small, so we’ll see where we end up!

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