Web Wanderings

Here we are again- Friday!

Having Monday off for Labor Day was just what I needed to help clear my mind. I spent the day bouncing about – literally (more on that later). Tuesday was back to work, but I’m closing out the week with a whirlwind of music, just the way I like it.

Web Wanderings (1)Take a second for this week’s highlights from around the web. This week, we take a special back-to-school theme in honor of the start of September!

  • You Won’t Believe What One Artist Can Do With Crayons: Whoa, talk about precision. In my book, Crayola crayons are the only way to go (I promise that has nothing to do with the fact that they’re made here!), but this guy takes it to a whole other level.
  • Notebook Stories: I’m a sucker for pretty notebooks, stationary, notecards, and the like. Marshall’s is my favorite place to hunt for gems- I’ve got a whole drawer to show for it. This guy shares my affinity for all things paper. Just look at his collection of pretty covers!
  • The Day Designer Planner: I battle every year with the decision of a traditional paper planner vs. going only with Google calendar. Even though I live and die with life scheduled out on in my phone, there’s something special about putting a pen to paper. I think that Whitney English’s Day Designer has totally won me over. It’s sold out right now, but I have more than one reminder set so I’m ready to go when they’re back in stock! The to-do priorities and lists on each page are just perfect for getting everything in one place.
  • Lehigh Professors Read from RateMyProfessor.com: This is a spin on those Jimmy Kimmel videos (did you see the NFL version? I love Michael Strahan), and it’s quite fitting for back to school. Some of these reviews are ridiculous! It’s nice to see the professors have some humor over it all.

Happy Friday!


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