Goodbye October, Hello November

October was rough, to say the least. Not only was it a busy month, it also was packed with every sort of extreme that I could possibly imagine. I feel like this is the same thing that I say month in and month out, but it really is true. Each time I make a few steps forward, it feels like I get knocked back to square one. It’s a challenge, but I’m slowly starting to find a grip in it all.

Three Blind Mice for Halloween, the Opening of the PPL Center, Fall Decorations, & 80s Style for October

Looking at my calendar for November, I’ve got four full weekends coming up. The next time I see a blank Saturday or Sunday on my calendar won’t be until 2015! Insanity. But, here’s to finishing October strong and kicking off a new month in the same way!

In October, I…

  • Helped welcome three new members to our dance team. We hosted auditions the last Sunday of the month, which went smoothly. I was hoping to see a larger turnout than we ended up with, but it’s still exciting to welcome some rookies to the team. And after our first practice, we already have two dance completed!
  • Hosted my work’s 30th anniversary annual meeting. The event certainly had it’s flaws, and taking them in stride is definitely something I need to work on. I let my perfectionism come out a little too strongly on this one. I kept mentally checking off things that were out of place, even though I’m sure our guests couldn’t spot one of them. Live and learn!
  • Started the hunt for a new car. This process has been more of a pain that I can begin to describe, but I think I’m finally set to go! I found a car that I really like, and will be signing the papers this week on it. It’s a smidge above the budget I was hoping to stick with, so that means some frugality is in my future.

In November, I will…

  • Have some much needed time off. It’ll be nice to see my family for Thanksgiving, but I’m really looking forward to a few days of relaxation. I’m getting dangerously close to burn out point, so a chance to breathe and catch up on everything that I’ve been slacking on will be just the remedy.
  • Continue some fitness habits that I started to put in place at the end of October. With the opening of the new arena down the street from my office, I’ve been trying to make regular trips to the gym. I’ve turned into a lunchtime gym-goer, which I’ve found is a nice mental break from my day. Here’s to pushing myself to the next level this month. I’m back on my 5k game late in the month, so that’s even more motivation to get moving!
  • Treat myself with a few concerts. We know I love music, and I’m finally getting to catch one of my favorite bands in concert this month. There are a few trips to Philly on my calendar already, and I’m excited for some much needed adventures.

Happy November!


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