The B-Word

I am no good with money. My bank account is like a slow leak, things trickle out little by little, always adding up to a big shock when I finally get around to checking in on things.budget

This week, I’ll be purchasing my very own car (I’m pretty sure that officially makes me an adult now). With that, I’ll be tackling a slightly higher than desired monthly car payment. It’s something that had to happen sooner rather than later, and it means it’s time to tackle the b-word for real: budget.

To get in the mindset of saving, I’m kicking off what I hope to be a week-long challenge, with the idea that it’ll continue on from there in some way or another. This week, I’ll be going no-spending.

I. Know.

I’m a sucker for a nice lunch out and a coffee on my way to the office, but it’s little things like that they make a big difference. With my new-found love for a lunchtime gym session, I’ve been doing pretty good at brown-bagging my lunch from home each day.

This week, I’m going to step it up and try to go totally cold turkey on spending. Of course, there are exceptions for things like gas which are obviously a necessity to get me where I need to be.

As I start being serious about this stuff, I plan on reacquainting myself with services like Mint, which helps to track monthly spending. I was doing really well with sorting my purchases into different categories, but lost access to my account when I got my new phone. (seriously- why don’t they have a ‘forgot password’ option on the app?)

Today has been smooth sailing so far, just have to say no to my usual coffee pit stop on the way to the studio tonight… and my snack on the late-night drive home. I’ll keep you posted as the week gets moving.

Do you have tips & tricks for maintaining sanity in all of this? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “The B-Word

  1. I definitely don’t track my spending and finances, as I should. Now that my rent is more than I was previously paying, I also need to get my spending into shape, including bringing my lunch and going out less. I need to try Mint!

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