Web Wanderings

It’s been a while, but we’re back with another edition of Web Wanderings! After some busy times, I’ve gotten back on track and had the chance to pull together a selection of some favorites from around the web this week. Enjoy! Web Wanderings (1)

  • Jimmy Kimmel’s Annual Halloween Prank: I get a kick out of these videos every year. Totally guilty of loving the forgiving kids more than the angry ones though!
  • Chadwick Stokes “Our Lives Our Time”: I’m a big fan of the music this guy puts out (you might know him from a little band called Dispatch), and I’m very excited to catch a very intimate show with him next month at Boot & Saddle in Philly. This is a new release of his, with the video showcasing a number of dancers. I love the way the filming is looped over itself to create the layers of choreography.
  • 50 People, 1 Question: I love campaigns like this that twist the way you think about a simple question. Companies like Dove and Always have been super successful with these in the past. This one, similar to the Like A Girl campaign, shows how kids have view that is untouched by pressures of society. The innocence is charming. Join in on the campaign by tweeting #IAmComfortableBecause.
  • Serial Podcast: If you’re not listening to this, you’re really missing out. I’m a new podcast addict, but this one really takes the cake. Presented by This American Life, Serial is an episodic program that details out the murder case of a teenage girl from 1999. Each week, a new segment is released. If you are a fan of crime shows, you should tune in and see if you can help figure out the real story.

Happy weekend!




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