Fifteen in ’15

The talk of the town this time of year certainly revolves around New Year’s Resolutions. But what starts out as an awesome goal typically turns into a wasted wish shortly into the month of January. 15 in 2015

Gyms are packed with those looking to reach fitness goals, but that will all clear out by the close of the first month. That healthy eating you’re trying to tackle? Taco Bell will sneak in there sooner or later. Don’t get me wrong- I admire those that can stick with their plans for the full year. In fact, I’ve been known to set some lofty goals for myself.

Rather than establishing one big resolution for 2015, I’ve decided to take  step back and reflect on what I’ve learned in 2014 and put that to use. How do I want to carry out the next year? What changes do I want to make? I remind myself over and over that baby steps add up to big changes, and that’s going to help me work my way through 2015.

I’ve rounded up fifteen topics that I’d like to spend time on throughout 2015. There’s no specific goals in mind (well, not for every one), but more of a guideline of intentional living for the next year.

  1. Communicate. Admittedly, I’m not the best at staying in touch with friends, old or new. There are far too many good friends that I haven’t seen in years, and I’d like to make an effort to change that.
  2. Hydrate. Coffee runs in my veins, but there certainly is not enough water in there. What’s the recommended amount now? Eight glasses per day? That seems like so many! Regardless, you’ll see me filling up my cup more often this year.
  3. Read. The last two weeks have brought on a huge reading kick for me. I forgot how nice it feels to curl up on a rainy Saturday night and get lost in a book. I’ve got quite the stack of literature ready to go on my nightstand, and I’m ready to tackle that and more!
  4. Adventure. Sometimes you need to just take a walk on the wild side. I tend to get a little comfy in my ways, but this year I am ready to take some risks and challenge myself in tons of new ways.
  5. Exercise. Okay, so here we are with the stereotypical resolution. I always forget how great I feel after a work out until I actually make it happen. Even a quick trip to the gym over lunchtime makes a world of difference during my day. Here’s to chasing after those post-work out endorphins.
  6. Learn. I truly miss being in an academic environment, but that doesn’t mean that the education has to stop. There are so many great resources just waiting for me to take advantage of them, and I’m excited to dive into some new projects.
  7. Rest. Overexertion is just a bee-line for burnout. I’ve learned that when I’m tired, it’s better to just rest than try to keep pushing myself through. I’ll end up being more productive post-sleep anyways.
  8. Organize. I live my lists and calendars, and am going old-school with a paper planner this year. With so many projects going on, it’s nice to have a home base of my life in one bound book. I’d like to continue that organization to the rest of my projects that might be a little more off the cuff than I’d like them to be.
  9. Relax. Whether it’s with a warm bath or a yoga class, I need time for me. Fueling my introverted side is the only way for me to be really balanced throughout my day. Me time gets a front seat this year.
  10. Create. Choreography. Writing. Crafts. Goals. Making all of these things happen is on my to-do list for 2015. I need to hone in on the aspects that add fire to my creativity and go from there.
  11. Travel. My wanderlust is always in full force. Ever since I spent a semester in London, I’ve be wanting to pack my bags and head out on whatever flight is next on the list. This year, I’m hoping to cross a few destinations off of my list.
  12. Write. An obvious one. I’m off to an okay start, and am ready to challenge myself in my writing. I’ve always wanted it to become a regular habit in my life, and am hoping to increase the frequency of it this year.
  13. Love. Myself, my family, and those around me. I sometimes jump to the negative aspects too quickly, rather than taking time to reflect on all the love that surrounds me.
  14. Appreciate. With running from job to job, I sometimes forget to stop for a moment and appreciate how lucky I am.
  15. Enjoy. Even if nothing else on this list comes to fruition, at least I’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Let’s do in, 2015. I’m ready for ya!


2 thoughts on “Fifteen in ’15

  1. Intentions 🙂 A nice twist on the old standard, which I would agree, gets pushed aside after the first month and then you just end up feeling horrible for not sticking to your New Year Resolutions! Agg! I’ve decided I’m not going to write any of that down, but instead focus on what I need and want. I suppose it’s all the same (different words), but for now, this is what makes the most sense for me. Best wishes to you in the new year!

    1. Absolutely! In my mind, writing it down helps to hold me a little more accountable than if it just all lives up in my head. Focusing on you is the best way to go sometimes, I’m totally guilty of neglecting that far too often. Wishing you a happy & healthy 2015!

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