Goodbye January, Hello February

At the start of each month, I take a look back at the past few weeks and highlight three things that I accomplished, as well as three highlights for the month to come. It’s a nice way for me to check in and see how things have progressed over time.  Like the idea? Feel free to make it your own! Leave a comment below, I’d love to follow along with your updates!

January Favorites
Local architecture, yummy coffee, and our students after our show.

Whew. Just like that, the first month of 2015 is gone! It’s been a little bit since I’ve taken some time to check in on what’s happened over the last month. At end of December, I published a yearly wrap-up, but I’ve missed these little mini check-ins!

I’m a day or two behind (I blame it on the snow), but there’s still lots of time in February to get some big ideas rolling. 2015 started off pretty strong, and I intend to keep that trend rolling in the month to come!

In January, I…

  • Enjoyed some time off for the holidays. Okay, so this one trickles over into December as well, but who’s counting? I took a little over a week off of work surrounding the holiday season, and it was just what I needed to refresh my mind and start the year ready to run. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to jet off to a picture-perfect destination as I would have liked to, but that’s a goal for 2015!
  • Traveled to NYC for my third NY Times Travel Show. I can’t believe this is the third year I’ve attended this event for work! Time flies, right? I only ended up working the set up & first day of the event due to some other things going on (keep reading…), but it was just as much of an adventure as any other year is!
  • Debuted a new piece of choreography. Amanda, Arenda and I presented new work at the Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange’s Cabaret Nights IX this month. It was great to be able to perform in a different setting than I’ve been used to of late… cough cough, football field. We had wonderful support from friends & family, some of our students even came to watch! You can view our piece here.

In February, I will…

  • Get back into gym mode. Alright, confession time. I’ve totally been a slacker since the holiday season, and I need to get my butt back into gear! The cold weather definitely does not make it easy to leave my warm office over lunch and head to the gym, but I’m going to tackle it!
  • Plan ahead. I’ve got a lot of things coming up over the coming months from football games, to dance competitions, to work events, and more. Now, more than ever, it’s important that I really look forward and plan ahead so that I can tackle all the goals I have stored up in my brain. I’ve been making some baby steps here, but it’s crunch time. Now, let’s get focused!
  • Write, write, and write some more. I’m really feeling ready to make some big strides, and will be stepping up my writing game here, at work, and beyond. Stay tuned for some fun!

As a new part of this series, I’ll also be including three goals to accomplish in the month ahead.

In February, I’d like to tackle…

  • Two books. Not That Kind of Girl and Yes Please have been calling to be from my bookshelf for weeks!
  • Three new recipes. It’s been quite some time since I tried something new!
  • Research into purchasing a domain name. I know this is a step I need to take eventually, but there are so many things to consider in the meantime!

Cheers to the start of a new month!
Keep me in the loop if you’re starting your own monthly check-in series. 


4 thoughts on “Goodbye January, Hello February

  1. Gym mode… coughCROSSFITcough. 😉

    Can’t wait to write, write, and write some more with you this year! We need a catchy “writing in ’15” kind of thing. I don’t know, just something to keep us motivated!

    1. If there were CrossFit classes that weren’t always at the same time as dance classes, I’d give it a try!

      Cue me brainstorming writing plans for us! Not letting us fall off be boat again.

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