Music Monday: Volume 3

Happy Monday! It seems that we are back to winter-like weather. At least the recent weekends have given us some sunshine! This week is packed full of concerts for me- The Colourist this past Saturday, Chad Valley & Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. tonight, and Ben Folds this weekend. So many shows, so little time. Good thing Philly is only a quick drive away!

While you are bundled up for the time being, have a listen to this week’s Music Monday list.


Music Monday: Volume 2.

Happy Monday! After a weekend of gorgeous weather & a surprising amount of productivity, I’m happy to see some bits of sunshine still hanging around outside. Now it’s time to get back into the swing of things and power through to 5pm. Here’s what I’ve got on loop to help me get there.

Do you have something I should add to my list? Let me know in the comment section below! 

Coffee Break: A Take Away Show ∆

This weekend is (hopefully) bringing around a little bit of warmth before we head back to the cold temperatures through next week-  although it is quite dreary outside right now.

As I finish up my second cup of coffee this morning, I came across this video (have you seen the new YouTube layout? Interesting.), which is part of a larger series, A Take Away Show, presented by La Blogothèque. I’m not sure how I’ve missed out on these, but this is a nice little recording of two of my favorite songs- tranquil enough to blend in with the foggy mess outside.

Instrumental perfection.

If Spotify kept track of playcount like iTunes does, this would without a doubt be in my top five for the year. I think that fact that it is lyric-less helps to clear my mind when I have a lot going on. Ocean starts with such a sense of calmness, in a small little tune, and just builds from there. By the end of the eight minutes, it leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to continue on with whatever I was working on before. And have you seen it played live? Unreal. John Butler Trio tops of list of artists to see live in the coming year.